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The story of Premier Consulting began in 1999 in downtown Athens. Since day one people behind the company aimed at providing high quality services in the areas of accounting, tax and consulting services.


Each client is treated as a partner on the road to growth and professional success. Through personal contact a long term relationship of trust is achieved. The needs of our clients are made our own and our aim is to provide them with solutions so they need worry only about their business endeavors.


Technical skills and specialization are combined with knowledge of client’s needs so that the value derived from our services is the highest possible at the lowest possible cost.


Having specialized and constantly trained executives with a sound understanding of the conditions and peculiarities of the Greek market has led to meeting all of the above targets and a successful course till the present day.


Premiers’ clientele includes a large number of businesses from all the sectors of the economy most of which are branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies.


Premier has earned the trust of large international networks as a preferred supplier of services for their Greek clients. Premier is also a member of the Association of International Tax Consultants (www.aitc-pro.com), a network of independent tax advisors with 60 members worldwide.

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